Why come to the Chalet ?

You wish :

  • to take a break from your daily life
  • to get out of your usual environment and be more in nature
  • to get a change of pace
  • to find balance and harmony between nature and your body, and mind
  • to get moving but it’s not always easy on your own …
  • to recharge your batteries while being active
  • to rest and get coached
  • to take time for yourself and make yourself feel better
  • to make a change and to take a step back
  • to see life differently
  • to live in the present … carpe diem !

My goal is to share with you the exceptional setting of my Chalet, which is in front of a most beautiful mountain and as well, to accompany those who want or need physical activity.

My best reward would be that you would find peace and harmony during your stay …

“ But nature is there that invites you and loves you ;
Plunge into her bosom which she always opens to you.
When everything changes for you, nature is the same,
And the same sun rises every day. ”