Personal presentation

My name is Christine Etienne. I was born in 1962 in Lille in France and have lived in Geneva since the age of 2. I did all my studies in Geneva and, passionate about pedagogy and human relations, I worked for many years in the field of adult education.

In 2016, following a professional change, I moved to Valais and developed a new project in my Chalet, which started in 2017.

Education and Training
2017 Certification ESA  (Adults sport) : instructor for gymnastics

First Aid certification (first actions to take in case of an emergency)

Certification SMT winter level 1 : Safety and avalanches (winter risk management, knowledge of snow and avalanches, rescue) with Hubert Caloz (mountain guide, specialized rescue guide, Youth & Sports expert)

2016 Training to teach sessions of “I run for my form” and “I move for my form” of the association JCPF (Je Courre Pour ma Forme), which seeks to promote physical activity and health to fight a sedentary lifestyle.
2012 2015 Internships in NVC with the Swiss Center for Non-Violent Communication (ACNV)
2007 Federal Certificate of Adult Learning
2008 2009 Internships in “Active Listening” and “Listening and Conflict” with the association Akouo
2003 Internships in Braingym or Educative Kinesiology (movements to promote learning by lifting blockages)

Being always in need of physical and artistic activities, my hobbies include :

Past and Current Activities
2016 Aerobics, Pilates
2015 Yoga classes (Caroline Stucklin in Geneva)
Course on movement (Martin Landert in Geneva)
Since 2012 Weekly running with the FAS (Athletic Slogans) for 2 years

A few races like the Escalade, Kerzers, the 10 km of Lausanne / Geneva / Bern, the “Titze de Noël” race in Sion, relay marathon in Nice, Tour des alpages (Anzère), Morat-Fribourg, Tenerife half marathon, …

Since 1990 My 4000 :
1990 : Mt Blanc (by the 3 Mt-Blanc)
2012 : Dent Blanche (normal way)
2014 : Weissmies (crossed by the southern edge)
2014 : Allalinhorn (crossed by the eastern edge, Hohlaubgrat)
2016 : Nadelhorn (normal way)
2018 : Pollux and Breithorn half crossing
2019 : Täschhorn and crossing on Alphubel
2022 : Dent Blanche again 🙂

Summits in the valley : Pointe de Vouasson, La Luette, Pigne d’Arolla, Mont-Blanc de Cheilon, L’Evêque, Pointe de la Tsa, Dents des Veisivi, Tête Blanche, Aiguilles rouges, La Ruinette, Couronne de Bréona

Since 1985 Climbing, hiking and trekking with the CDG courses (Club of Climbers ) of Geneva and now with the CAS of Sion

Weekly fitness with the AM (Amis Montagnards club) of Geneva

Since 1970 from 2014 Painting on porcelain, origami (course in Geneva)
Always Hiking, climbing, ski touring

The biggest ambition that should guide your life, is to develop the best of you. It is to transform yourself to attain an inner sense of peace, joy, serenity that nothing and no-one can take away from you. It’s to become the best person possible and help others through brining along your little stone in the construction of the world.
Extract from ’The Soul of the world’ by Frédéric Lenoir.”

My values
Listening, empathy, communication
Sharing, dialogue
Participate in a better world