• Morning fitness
  • Morning fun fitness
  • Walking objective
  • Running objective
  • Ossona footbridge
  • Lac Bleu
  • La Sage Chapel
  • 1st August national dresses
  • Wren
  • Edelweiss
  • The famous Hérens breed
  • Natural spring water
  • Cooking on a wood fire

Summer programme

(B&B + walking OR running) * X days =

Walk between 1 to 3 hours with an altitude difference of 1000 m. max
Run between 2 to 10 kms

For example a 3 days programme :

Morning Afternoon
Day 1 Arrival and settling-in
Defining your sports objective
(walking or running)
Light meal or picnic
30’ fun fitness exercises
short walk or run
Then free until dinner
Day 2 30’ to 60’ of fun fitness
Progressive walk or run
Light meal or picnic
Dinner at the Chalet
Day 3 30’ to 60’ of fun fitness
Attainment of the sport objective
Light meal or picnic
Closing ceremony
You will be ready for a fresh start…

Book your sejour

Possibilities of activities during your free afternoons :


  • In the valley : walks, huts, bisses (Tsa-Crêta to Mase,…), climbing, via ferrata (Evolène, Nax), tennis, paragliding, mountain biking, scooter, horseback riding, bocce, paintball …
  • In the plain : golf, adventure park, indoor climbing, walks along the Rhone, …


  • In the valley : villages, museums, chapelles, exhibitions, crafts
  • In the plain : local towns (Sion, Sierre, Martigny, …), museums, exhibitions


  • Wildlife : Hérens cows, ibexes, chamois, marmots, yaks, lamas, eagles, birds, butterflies, …
  • Flora : orchids, martagon lilies, Lady’s slipper orchid, mushrooms, …


  • In the valley : hot springs, hammam, massage, fishing
  • In the plain : thermal baths
  • Or at the Chalet … Nordic bath, sun bathing and rest !

More information is available at the Chalet.

Tasty flexitarian meals

Quality meals are always welcome, both before and after physical activity. They are also a great opportunity for friendly moments of sharing.

The dishes are prepared, as far as possible, with local products (production from the valley), organic and seasonal.

When the weather cooperates, the meals are cooked on a wood fire.

The meals are accompanied by delicious water from a spring at the Chalet and, if desired, by selected wines from the Valais region.

Flexitarian is formed with the words “flexible” and “vegetarian”. This trend aims at making our diet more vegetarian in a balanced way with vegetable proteins but without excluding animal proteins. The flexitarians want to preserve the planet, respect animal life, without completely avoiding meat, so as not to subject themselves to severe food restrictions, and holding on to the pleasure of eating.